Our Story - The Smart Cut



The Smart Cut is just one of several ideas brewed between two buddies, Bjorn Barja and Joel Wille, who started their friendship at the US Naval Academy in the mid-1990s.  From days on ships to corporate jobs on the outside, they both have strived to make things make sense...even if its only in concept.  This one stuck though!


The Smart Cut idea was thought of over a decade ago when Joel returned to civilian life from the US Navy.  Having grown up in the trades working with his father, and having little money to pay others, he became a part-time remodeler on his own projects.  With precious time away from his day job and family, wasting project time became a point of MAN THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY conversation.

Bjorn became an accomplished do-it-yourselfer.  Working in the construction business, as a store manager for Home Depot and also working on his own projects, he soon became the go-to craftsman for family and friends.  However, a particularly challenging finish carpentry project became the breaking point.  He called Joel and shared in frustration, "Hey remember that idea we talked about for the miter saw measuring tool...lets figure it out.  I just spent a whole weekend measuring, marking, cutting and re-cutting...MAN THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY," and the The Smart Cut was born.

Since 2019 we have been working to perfect the process to measure material without the need to use a tape measure and pencil....save time...and increase accuracy.  Through thousands of cuts, days spent in the field with experts, infinite product tweaks and miles of scrap lumber, we have the product that will do exactly as we had hoped.  The Smart Cut will cut on a dime and do it in half the time!

The Smart Cut is uncomplicated, built like a tank, and does exactly what we say it does...for You...Users that we know are hard core demanding, smart, slightly skeptical but also in search of something to take the frustration, time and waste out of the cutting process.  

We're available for feedback, questions, improvement ideas or conversation around MAN THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY.

Enjoy your time back!

Bjorn and Joel