Don't just take our word for it!

These are guys using The Smart Cut now!

From our "Smart Cutters"...

*Meet Kyle P.

He cuts on average a 1,000 boards a day, and he likes The Smart Cut for several reasons:
- Quick set-up on the jobsite
- Multi-length cuts are done fast
- Tape stays with the saw and no pencil required
- Finishes jobs faster so he can get home and watch football

(20 year construction veteran, owns his own flooring install company)

*the fastest/accurate 3 board cutter we've seen

Traditional Mark and Measure (31 sec)

with The Smart Cut (17 sec) #3BOARDCHALLENGE

Meet Nate L.

"Myself and my guys are cutting boards now twice as fast without sacrificing any accuracy.  I'm bought in!"

(23 year construction veteran, owns his own General Contracting company)

Meet Kevin B.

"I hate bad cuts and wasting time! Time is an expensive commodity. Time lost and wasting boards drives me bananas."

(Ret. USMC Force Recon and legendary DIY'er)

Precision with a tape measure

Simplistic in Nature for Fast Results

We actually got mad that we didn't think of this sooner! No tech, no calibration, just you and The Smart Cut.