Features of the smart cut miter saw measuring tool and accessory
The Smart Cup Pro miter saw setup on a portable miter saw stand
The Smart Cut Pro can measure for angle and straight miter saw cuts.  Great miter saw accessory.
The Smart Cut Pro has a universal miter saw adaptor that allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment.
The Smart Cut Pro is for any portable miter saw stand.

Portable Jobsite - Miter Saw Measuring System


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The Smart Cut complete miter saw measuring system provides everything you need to Cut on a Dime in Half the Time!  The difference between this item and the PRO/E is that you must provide your own board/table to mount the rails, whereas the PRO/E comes with the extruded aluminum table.  Regardless of table preference, The Smart Cut will decrease cutting time and improve accuracy, reducing waste associated with bad cuts.  Once it is set up, it won’t matter if you forgot your pencil or tape measure anymore.  Orientation will have the board laying left from the miter saw.  You will use your right hand to pull down the miter saw.  Complete kit includes:

  • Tape Retraction Rabbit
    • Rolls on the track and moves the tape measure end with the end of the board. 
  • Tape Measure Holster Bracket
    • Holds your own tape measure next to the miter saw and shows the mark where your saw blade will cut. 
    • Adjustable to your eyesight to achieve extreme accuracy.
  • Rail Track
    • Placed on your permanent or portable miter saw setup to guide the tape retraction rabbit as it rolls with the edge of your board.
    • Select 9' or 13' to cut boards up to 8' or 12'.
  • Miter Table Level Bracket
    • One time setup for your miter saw, allows you to plane out your plank so your cutting piece and rail track is in-line with your miter saw.
    • Recommended for portable miter saw setups.

The Smart Cut is made from heavy duty steel...we know you are tough on equipment.  Hardware included.  Initial setup takes approximately 20 minutes...after that, setup takes the same time as your setup and breakdown for your miter saw as you move it from job to job.