The Smart Cut Pro E is the perfect portable miters saw fence.  Great miter saw accessory to measure boards.
Portable miter saw measuring system.
Integrated miter saw fence and accurate miter saw measurements
Easy to read miter saw measuring tool
No electronics miter saw measuring tool
Cut angles or straight cuts with an accurate miter saw measuring tool
Read for angled cuts with the same accuracy
The Smart Cut Pro-E will cut all types of materials
The Smart Cut Pro-E can expand out to 16 feet or longer

Portable Jobsite PRO/E - Miter Saw Measuring System w/Integrated Extruded Aluminum Table Fence


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The Smart Cut - PRO/E 

The Smart Cut – PRO/E is the full extruded aluminum miter saw measuring table kit.  Everything is included to attach to your miter saw and keep you cutting without the need to measure and mark boards before cutting. 

This full kit includes:

  • Integrated Aluminum Table/Rail Track
    • Kit includes (2) 4' 6" heavy duty extruded aluminum table/rail lengths with attachment links
    • 9' heavy duty, but extremely lightweight aluminum table with integrated rail allows you to measure boards up to 8' long
  • The Smart Cut Rabbit and Tape Measure Holster Gauge
    • The rabbit and tape measure holster gauge is what allows you to "set the gauge" and continuously measure boards without measuring and marking boards
  • Miter Table Level Bracket (Universal Miter Saw Attachment)
    • Kit includes a table level bracket, which attaches The Smart Cut - PRO/E to your miter saw.
    • Universal fit to all major miter saws. Adjusts vertically and horizontally to plane out with your miter saw fence and deck.

PRO Considerations:

  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Rail tracks can be broken down into 4' 6" lengths for better portability